1995, 10 Bar Pressure Quench Vacuum Furnace Offer


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The ideal customer for this furnace is someone with precision parts or sensitive materials who is looking for bright, uniform work results. Advantages of high gas pressure quenching include fully hardened parts without quench oil related problems or hazards (i.e., no quench smoke, no plant sooting, no post-quench wash systems, no oil fires or hazardous oil waste removal, etc.)


This furnace system produces completed loads every 15 to 25 minutes – depending on part geometry and cycle requirements. Two big advantages to this equipment are that it provides a pristine heating and quenching environment. The heating chamber is always kept at vacuum and at temperature. This maintains a “contaminant-free” condition, keeping even sensitive stainless steels and titanium work clean and bright. The dedicated 10 bar (150 psig) pressure quench system, with an internal heat exchanger and 100 Hp blower, fully hardens parts in an oil-free quench system keeping parts clean, dry and bright – no post heat treating oil wash system required. The dedicated quench section also means far less nitrogen usage with each cycle – when compared to typical single position heat-and-quench furnace chambers.







Load size:       9” high x 18” wide x 24” long  (110 lbs/Nominal)


Capacity:        Continuous 475 lbs/hour


Max Temp:    2400°F  (Typical operating temperature range 1550°F to 2250°F)


Heating:          Graphite insulation, Graphite heating elements


Positions:        One (1) load position, Four (4) chamber positions, One (1) quench position


Vacuum:         Atmospheric pressure down to 500 microns (typically)


Special Features:   Ten (10) bar pressure quench. Internal heat exchanger.


System Footprint:      (Roughly) 8’ High x 11” wide x 38’ long



Consistent part quality basket to basket & week to week verses less uniform large batch loads.


We have plenty of additional detailed photos to illustrate this furnace system.



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